Our Mission

In 1986 the University of the Aftermarket Foundation (then known as the AWDA University Foundation) was organized to provide funding for aftermarket education programs and research. By awarding grants throughout each year, the Foundation financially supports the continued development and distribution of courses

in ever-broadening areas. By supporting such academic offerings, the Foundation and its donors insure that education will have a stabilizing influence in the ever-changing and increasingly complex aftermarket. To maintain the automotive aftermarket in the form that has proven so successful for more than 50 years, the aftermarket must strive continually to increase the business management skills and professionalism within its ranks. Encouraging employees to develop a strong understanding of industry dynamics will assist them to successfully meet the challenges of a competitive marketplace.

The University of the Aftermarket Foundation reached a milestone during the fourth quarter of 2014 by surpassing $7 million since its inception in 1986. The Foundation and its Contribution Committee continues with its ongoing fundraising campaign to increase its endowment.

The Trustees express their thanks for the gifts listed on the following pages. The Trustees encourage your support, including donations for the purpose of honoring or memorializing individuals or otherwise recognizing special events. Your contributions will perpetuate the name of your company in the industry, while ensuring the availability of training and education needed to continue to strengthen the automotive aftermarket industry.

For more information and to learn more about available scholarships, visit www.automotivescholarships.com.

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