Chairman's Message


As treasurer of the University of the Aftermarket Foundation, as well as chairman of the audit committee, I am proud to share that the state of the University of the Aftermarket Foundation is strong. Last year we welcomed a record-setting number of new Lifetime Trustees and awarded over 300 scholarships totaling more than $450,000. With the support of so many in the industry, this year is on track to be the best year yet.

Within this brochure, you will find the honor roll of frequent donors, new donors and AWDA Challenge participants, including the new Lifetime Trustees: Genuine Parts Company, MAM Software Group, Mevotech, The Schwartz Family, Women in Auto Care, BBB Industries and the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association. Without the generous support of all those listed, the University of the Aftermarket Foundation would not be able to provide so many scholarships and educational opportunities to talented individuals pursuing a career in the auto care industry.

On a personal note, I am very proud that members of National Pronto Association decided to increase their support of the University of the Aftermarket Foundation, reaching the prestigious Gold Lifetime Trustee status. Like the donors listed within, they believe in the foundation’s mission of developing a strong aftermarket workforce through education and understand that knowledgeable, skilled workers are critical to the future of their businesses.

At the University of the Aftermarket Foundation, we are not only grateful for financial donors, but also for all the volunteers who donate their time to make the foundation’s work possible. The Board of Trustees is made up of aftermarket leaders who serve as stewards of the foundation and teams of industry veterans evaluate the hundreds of scholarship applications received each year.

While we are proud of the steady growth of the University of the Aftermarket Foundation since its inception in 1986, we know serving an industry that employs over 4.6 million people requires a continued focus on increasing the availability of more scholarships and educational opportunities. To support this mission, please consider a contribution to the University of the Aftermarket Foundation. Together we can help pave the way for the future leaders of tomorrow.



Bill Maggs, MAAP

Treasurer, University of the Aftermarket Foundation







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